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Effective action on climate change

Low-carbon economy, carbon pricing, and zero-emission vehicles

Greening government

Greening federal operations, greenhouse gas emission reductions, clean energy, and green procurement

Clean growth

Zero plastic waste, clean technologies, and innovation and skills

Modern and resilient infrastructure

Climate-resilient initiatives and investments in green infrastructure

Clean energy

Renewable energy and energy efficiency

Healthy coasts and oceans

Conserve costal and marines areas, manage fish stocks, and ocean plastics

Pristine lakes and rivers

Watershed management, protecting lakes and rivers, and reducing water pollution and contamination

Sustainably managed lands and forests

Protecting lands and forests, and establishment and conservation of protected areas

Healthy wildlife populations

Biodiversity, species at risk, migratory birds, wildlife and habitats

Clean drinking water

Safe drinking water, ending long-term drinking water advisories, and drinking water quality

Sustainable food

Sustainable food, agricultural practices and fisheries, and food waste

Connecting Canadians with nature

Nature, parks, protected areas, green spaces, and conservation activities

Safe and healthy communities

Clean and safe environments and communities, air quality, and harmful substances