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Working together

Reforming our environmental and regulatory processes

Conducting robust and thorough environmental assessments, respecting the rights of Indigenous peoples, and implementing strong environmental legislation will support progress in all areas of the FSDS.

We committed to restore lost protections, regain public trust, and introduce new, fair processes. We are following through on our commitments. In February 2018, we introduced legislation that would put in place better rules to protect our environment, fish and waterways, and rebuild public trust. The proposed changes include:

  • restoring public trust through increased opportunities for public participation
  • recognition of Indigenous rights
  • ensuring “one project, one review” through cooperation with provinces, territories and Indigenous jurisdictions
  • undertaking more comprehensive impact assessments
  • making timely decisions
  • ensuring transparent, science-based decisions
  • protecting the environment

Budget 2018 also announced $1 billion over 5 years, starting in 2018–2019, to:

  • support the proposed new impact assessment system
  • increase scientific capacity in federal departments and agencies
  • implement the changes required to protect water, fish and navigation
  • increase Indigenous and public participation

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Renewing our sustainable development approach

Our 2016–2019 FSDS provides important improvements over past strategies, including more aspirational goals, stronger targets, and broader participation across government as well as by our partners and stakeholders. The Federal Sustainable Development Act is the law that requires us to table and report on the strategy. When it comes into force, An Act to amend the Federal Sustainable Development Act will introduce changes to the Federal Sustainable Development Act that will support more effective, inclusive and accountable strategies. These changes respond to recommendations of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development.

Once in force, the amendments will:

  • shift the focus more broadly to sustainable development decision-making, rather than only environmental decision-making
  • expand the number of federal organizations required to prepare sustainable development strategies from 26 to more than 90
  • promote close collaboration and coordinated action across government
  • add 3 additional Indigenous representatives to, and modify the role of the Sustainable Development Advisory Council
  • set a higher bar for transparency with improved reporting and oversight
  • support an ongoing conversation with Indigenous peoples and all Canadians, respecting diversity and gender parity

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